TEA Webinars in 2024

May 7, 2024Thriving after school refusal or school can’t Consider the notion that both 40% of students and 40% of teachers are refusing school, what does that say about the mainstream system? And where can all these people go? POSSIBILITIES galore!
May 28, 2024How to choose a school that suits you? What are the options and how do I narrow down what would suit my child? A question and answer tree.
July 3, 2024How mainstream teachers and parents can make changes within a system or niche. Many good school and good teachers are seeking solutions. How can TEA help?
September 3, 2024Innovative & alternative schools explained: Montessori, Steiner, Democratic schools and so much more!
November 26 2024How and when (NOT) to start a school. 1 in 2 schools that start fail. Make those odds better by knowing the steps and what you get into.
When are we doing what? Unless otherwise stated we are aiming for 7pm on that day. And we will record and publish
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