Niche programs and Specialist schools

Niches programs, a school within a school are legal, possible and diverse. These can be based on alternatives, e.g. Montessori cycles within a mainstream school (Grovely, Capalaba) or for example High Capacity (a twice exceptional program) where gifted and neurodivergent people thrive.

These niche programs are a good way to try something without the hassle of starting a new school. They are happening more and more.

Specialist schools: Based around a special skill or interest, these can be a niche or a school. They usually have an entrance exam or portfolio in whichever skill applies: science / , art & music , the sport it concerns e.g. , aviation and so much more.

Community specialist schools are usually based around a specific need for a specific approach for a specific clientele. For example an all Indigenous boarding school like or a Twice Exceptional(2E) program such as . They are based around the Sustainable Community School model and fits specifically in a location.

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