Humanitas High School: Empowering Students for a Joyful and Purposeful Education Journey

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Humanitas High School is a democratic school in Brisbane, Queensland. We offer high school students the opportunity to delve deeply into their own interests, passions and ideas sparked by learning in a community with others, through individualised projects, community service projects and curriculum offerings based on a menu of interesting options. 

For our school, we have developed a Graduate Profile, with key qualities we hope that our students will develop over their years learning in community at Humanitas. This drives our offerings and experiences, and is available at Basically, we value our students being effective communicators, ethical leaders, purposeful decision-makers, skilful, informed and most of all, happy! 

We see all the years of secondary school as a wonderful time to learn to be together with others, and to practise making decisions about your time, extending your skills in an atmosphere of kindness, support and respect. We think the purpose of schools is to bring out the best in each other, by highlighting joy in connections and in learning things that matter to us – the world is full of interesting things to learn! We see too much pressure on results, grades and ranks taking away from the sheer joy of learning, connecting and growing knowledge – humans are wired to connect, explore and learn, and senior schooling should expand on that in deep ways. For senior school, we are working to offer the International Baccalaureate at both the Diploma Programme and the Career-Related Programme  levels, as we love the values of the IB community, and its focus on continuing to be of service to the world and develop your individual interests, in conjunction with a well-rounded education of core learning. As a new school, our first cohort will enter senior school in 2025 – stay tuned for stories of our adventures!

Article written by Mathilda Element