Empower Your Students…and Yourself!

You found this page because you are, or know, a teacher. Congratulations! You are one of the hardest-working people on the planet. Teachers are AMAZING. If the world was run by teachers, it would be a better place. BUT Teachers are tired, often overwhelmed and stretched. We need to take control of our joy. We need to innovate and expand our strategies so we can improve education, not just for the children but for OURSELVES.

My course helps teachers empower students so both teachers and students lead lives of purpose and joy in the classroom. What’s in the course?

10 weeks of fun, accessible video content that includes:

  • Foundations: What is democratic education?
  • The Benefits of Sharing Power – the Why PLUS the HOW (super practical areas and ways to do it)
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Mindset
  • How to include YOUR ideas and work within whatever system or school you are in
  • Traps to Avoid (that will make your life easier and smoother)
  • Practical, five-minute weekly tasks that will improve your day-to-day experiences
  • A whole lot of joy, intentionality and FUN. This course will make your life as a teacher easier, as well as expose you to new ideas and possibilities that will invigorate your classroom and your life.

Course content 10 sections • 34 lectures • 2h 23m total length 2.37 h

Who is this course for?
Why? How Sharing Power Benefits Students 05:05
Why? How Sharing Power Benefits YOU 05:31
Sharing Power Leads to Better Decisions 03:10
How to Share Power in the Space: Practical Strategies 01:24
Choices in the Curriculum: The Tools 07:00
Sharing Power Through Collaborative Rules and Agreements 08:08
Conflict Transformation: Sharing Power Whilst Solving Disputes 05:47
Topic 4.1 Connection 01:40
Topic 4.2 Valuing Their Time, Asking Their Opinions 02:08
Topic 4.3 Recognising Students as Experts
Topic 4.4 Building Relationships and Balancing Challenge 04:20

Topic 5.1 Communication: Patterns and Tools 04:12
Topic 5.2 Communication: Key Phrases
Topic 5.3 Communication and Dialogue: Not Just One-Way 05:16
Topic 6.1 Mindset 08:21
Topic 7.1 But What about ME? How to include your ideas 12:55
Topic 8.1 Traps in Sharing Power 08:41
Topic 9.1 Working Within Your School or System 12:55
Topic 9.2 Everything is Curriculum 05:13
Topic 10.1 Joy and Intentionality 06:33
Topic 10.2 Conclusion and Thanks 02:14

Hoping teachers and students lead lives of purpose and joy in the classroom! 

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